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    3 New Categories for Business Awards Ceremony

    Welcome to part 3 of our current classifications – The Award for Innovation, The Digital Technology Award, and The Customer and Market Engagement Award – we have added3 new classifications with the 2019 European Business Awards. With an aggregate of 6 classes accessible to contend to win this year, the QAAs are set to be the greatest yet! THE AWARD FOR INNOVATION WITH TURNOVER OF €0-25M/WITH TURNOVER OF €26-150M/WITH TURNOVER OF €150M+ Key criteria for the Award: Thought age Creation,…

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    I’ve applied and want to know what date I’ll be notified

    In the event that you presented an application in 2018 Time Step 23 April 2019 Winners formally declared in the London Gazette. Summer 2019 Representatives from the triumphant associations welcomed to go to a Royal gathering. In the event that you present an application in 2019 Time Step 1 May 2019 New application period opens for 2020 honors. 10 September 2019 (early afternoon) Application period closes. October 2019 Shortlisted associations informed. November 2019 Shortlisted associations requested to give confirmed business…