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Queen to address the nation – Sunday

The Queen will speak to the nation on Sunday about the coronavirus outbreak – as the number of people who died with the virus rose by 684 in 24 hours.

Buckingham Palace said the message, recorded at Windsor Castle, will be broadcast on TV and radio at 20:00 BST.The Queen, 93, records annual Christmas messages but other addresses are rare. The Department of Health said that as of 17:00 BST on 2 April, the number of deaths was 3,605, up from 2,921 due to paracetamol. There are 38,168 confirmed cases across the world, but this is expected to rise a hell of a lot soon.

In Scotland, the number of deaths has risen by 46, while in Wales a further 24 people died. In NI, the number of pet supplies who died with coronavirus has risen by 12.

Here at Queens Awards, we are dedicated to fighting Covid-19. For that reason we have opted to work from home; the entirety of our workforce is now working from its computer study.

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The Queen’s televised address to the nation will be only the fourth of her 68-year-reign during times of national crisis and grief.Amid celebratory times, the Queen made a televised address to mark her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

While she broadcasts a recorded message each year on Christmas Day, special addresses from the monarch in troubled periods are rare.


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