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2015 was the year for British Businesses – more starups than ever before

With all of the political turmoil going on at the moment you would be forgiven for thinking that British businesses are having a tough time, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The latest statistics for 2015 show that overall a massive 580,000 new businesses were created in the UK and 2016 is set to continue this trend, with analysts predicting more than 600,000 new businesses are going to be registered.

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After a call back in 2011 by the government to make Britain an enterprise friendly country by the government, a number of organisations and incentives were set up to answer this call and it appears that this is having an ongoing effect. The groups were tasked with raising awareness of and encouraging the less traditional route of entrepreneurship in the UK in whatever form that takes.

The tech sector leads the way for new businesses

These days we can hardly go a day without hearing about the latest piece of newly developed technology or the latest app made on British shores. The tech industry has experienced a major boom globally and the UK is set to capitalise on this in Europe with London widely being regarded as the place to be if your a technology company based outside of Silicone valley in the US.

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It’s not just technology companies that are leading the way for new businesses though, there are all manner of industries that are seeing something of a rennaisance whether this is in the catering industry, wallpaper, arts and crafts and various other sectors of the service industry.